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We build platforms across industries.



Business Consulting



Understand Your Position

The founders of Platform Creators have been active in a variety of business communities, industries, and market sectors for decades.
Our unique skill sets in the areas of finance, market studying, and business management provide for a more insightful assessment of your business need, messaging, and market competition & position elements than a traditional marketing agency. 
Our Specialized Industry Experience Includes
  • Real estate development, investment, and brokerage.
  • Building & construction advertising and management. 
  • Law firm management and advertising.
  • Traditional media buying and distribution. 
  • Luxury product positioning and advertising. 
We don't just brand companies, we run companies. 

Media • Film • Production




Writing a book is hard enough on its own. Now think about all of the needed contracts, publishing connections, distribution mechanisms, marketing structure, press meetings, not to mention the sale of the finished product. It is a daunting process.
Our team and network of publishing industry professionals can take your concept through to finished work and distribution.
We can help you assemble your work from beginning to end:
  • Storyboarding and planning
  • Writing style, format & process
  • Publisher & distribution connection
  • Publishing attorney relationships
  • Sale & distribution


Crafting an audio book requires three equally important elements.
  • A finished book
  • High-quality audio recording
  • Proper formatting and distribution
From start to finish, we can help you achieve all three. Beginning with planning and writing your book to voiceover recording to final product formatting, our team can put all of the pieces together and deliver to you a finished audiobook. 

Film & Video

Whether for social media, network television, or streaming services, our team of business leaders, content developers, and production professionals can guide you in the right direction.
Want to shoot a commercial for TV or social media?
We'll help you assemble your messaging points, train on-screen talent, shoot & edit your material, and deliver your final product.  
Want to develop an episodic series?
We'll help you storyboard the series, plan its development, engage proper contractors, and aid in media distribution for television and streaming services. 
Want to turn your story into a documentary? 
One of the most popular storytelling formats in this age,  documentary filming can be a powerful tool to tell your story. We can help with single elements or the entire process:
  • Storyboarding & planning
  • Scripting & outlining
  • Shooting, editing & delivery
  • Legal & distribution 


By far one of the fastest growing long-form content platforms, podcasting, whether filmed, recorded audio, or combination of the two, has tremendous knowledge and information benefit in today's rapid paced short-form media world. 
  • Syndicate across several services 
  • Quantify your audience and reach
  • Monetize your platform

Sometimes what you have to say requires more than 240 characters. Let us show you how to maximize the intellectual capital held within your brand.  

For all areas of our work, we use only the best of video, lighting, and production equipment.
Your finished product will be indistinguishable from the largest brands, products, or services within your industry or market sector. 
Let us help you tell your story. 

Marketing & Advertising



Get Your Message Heard

There is no question that the world of marketing today is more noisy than it has ever been. Between social media, streaming platforms, 100's of television stations, and the not-to-be-forgotten traditional advertising markets, knowing what to say and where to put that message can be daunting.   

Take advantage of our industry relationships and experience across a number of business sectors and through a variety of marketing mediums.

  • Television (media buying & placement)
  • In-studio broadcast & live streaming
  • Traditional advertising (mail, radio, print)
  • Relationship development & partnerships

Choosing the proper medium, at the right time, and with the right message has never been more important than it is today. Our proven business results can help to guide you in the right direction. 



Content & Social

Branding & Advertising


Spread the Word

Consistent content development and distribution through social media is hard work. Not only are there numerous platforms to manage, all with their own unique purpose, it takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and effort to create a consistent and reliable social media presence. 

  • Build your audience
  • Monetize your messaging
  • Brand your image
  • Quantify your reach

Whether solely content development or full platform management, our team of content producers, writers, video editors, and social media advertisers can build the digital face of your organization.   


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